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Apartment guide San Antonio TX to help you set up a laundry unit

Apartment guide San Antonio TX to help you set up a laundry unit

When moving into new apartment there are time when most people get confused. With so much work that need to be done and storage of time most people feel flabbergasted. Apartment guide San Antonio TX will help you deal with this chaotic situation. Most of us these days move into smaller apartments. Saving money on rents and managing small apartments are easier but there is space crunch too. Since you have chosen a small apartment finding a dedicated look for laundry is not possible. But you can definitely create one then running to the Laundromat every second day.

  • Manage a little floor space to tuck in the washer and drier. Once this is done most of the tension goes away. For smaller apartments where you cannot manage floor space for both the washer and dried at least make space for any one of them. After this try using the vertical space. Place one above the other. For more space saving go for single unit which have washer and dryer together in one. These might be bit pricy but definitely space saving.
  • Have enough cabinets- cabinets and shelves on the walls are the best way to space on floor space. Maximum use of vertical space is what all apartment guide San Antonia TX will advise. Cabinets to save the cleaning detergents and the cleaning supplies are a must. This keeps the space free of clutter. Cabinets with shelves can help you fold and keep the clean clothes. Cabinets with rods can help hanging clothes.
  • Ironing board- you do not need to have a space for a ironing board if you do not have one. Rather invest in foldable ironing board. A drop down ironing board is what is most essential for small spaces. Drop it down when needed and push it back to the wall when not in need.
  • Colour palettes for the laundry room should be light- lighter hue of colours on the walls of the laundry makes the room look bigger. Since the laundry room is an extensive of the bathroom match the palette of the both the spaces.
  • Keep the laundry room just outside the bathroom – keeping these two side by side keeps the house neat. You will not have clothes all over your apartment.


Different baskets for different clothes are an integral part of the laundry. Label them to avoid confusion.