Baton Rouge LA Restaurants That You Would Like While Visiting

If you are driving through Baton Rouge, stop for a bite to eat at one of these great restaurants. If you are going to vacation there, then you have the chance to eat at all of the ones I’m going to mention. It’s going to be exciting if you have never stepped foot in the city, and you are certainly going to love all the great food that you find. Choose from these top three restaurants, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for other interesting finds.

The first restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana I want to bring to your attention is Gino’s Restaurant, which is on Bennington Avenue. Are you a fan of Italian sausage? It is supposed to be exceptional there according to the reviews, and Gino’s Restaurant is a family owned and operated establishment. One of my friends likes a place called Gino’s in Myrtle Beach, and so that made me pick this establishment as a good one for you to try.

Superior Grill is another top choice, and it is found on Government Street. If you would like to enjoy some fajitas, this is definitely one of the places you can go. The place also features live music sometimes out on the patio area according to reviews. It seems to me that while the place serves up great Mexican food, the menu is rather unique. For example, they serve up a brisket sandwich. While that sounds delicious, I would have to say that I am more for the fajitas at the moment.

Now on to the third and final Baton Rouge LA restaurant. It is called Louie’s Cafe, and it is on West State Street. Would you like to try their veggie omelet? While that sounds delicious, I am more eyeing their hamburgers. One reviewer calls this place an old fashioned cafe. Alright, pick one of the three and get to eating some food that you want to try while in Baton Rouge.

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